Twickets in Parliament

Twickets investor Ian McAndrew, CEO and founder of Wildlife Entertainment, and You Me At Six singer Josh Franceschi both appeared in front of the Culture, Media & Sports Committee at the House Of Commons today to discuss the detrimental effect of ticket touting and ticket harvesting ‘bots’ on the entertainment industry.

When asked if there is more that┬ápeople within the industry can do to make sure that tickets end up in the right hands, Franceschi answered that they (You Me At Six) had ‘partnered-up with Twickets as the official reseller’.

Later, the committee inquired ‘how do we allow for the genuine fan (who can’t attend to sell their ticket)?’ McAndrew responded by saying ‘I’m a partner in an ethical resale business called Twickets. The reason I got involved simply was because I feel I need to have a mechanism to deal with that exact situation, where someone who legitimately can’t go to a show has an opportunity to resell their ticket at face value or less. That’s the proposition that Twickets offers, and has become a very growing business because it demonstrates people want to use a more ethical solution to the issue of exchanging tickets for shows they can no longer go to.’

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