Viagogo Forced To Give Identity Of Touts Advertising Tickets

The Competition and Markets Authority triumphs in legal battle with Viagogo.

The rip-off secondary ticket marketplace will be forced to give customers more information about the tickets that they’re purchasing. This will include whether or not they are buying from a professional ticket tout, rather than a fellow fan who isn’t able to use the ticket and is selling for the price they originally purchased the ticket for. A professional trader will be defined as a user who sells more than 100 tickets a year. Viagogo will also have to ensure that it does not mislead consumers on the availability of and demand for tickets, it prevents speculative ticket sales and improves it’s refund process. The face value of a ticket will also have to be displayed.

According to the CMA, Viagogo will be making a “comprehensive overhaul” of its UK website on a permanent basis, starting from 17 January. 

Richard Davies, founder of Twickets, states that “only time will tell” if Viagogo lives up to the agreement or whether it is just paying “lip service” to the CMA.

Overall, another step in the right direction! 


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