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“We’re adamant that we’re going to get to the top, we want to get our debut album out and play the Pyramid Stage.”

Taking the scene by storm and currently gearing up for the biggest tour of their career, Twickets caught up with rising stars Larkins to talk about their latest EP, ‘Hit and Run’, the music community of their Manchester hometown and how it feels to be selling out shows before they’ve even released their debut album.

Having sky-rocketed their way onto the alternative scene last year with their synth-heavy and vibrant debut EP, ‘TV Dream’, Manchester-based indie-pop newcomers Larkins have already made it clear that they’re not just here to mess around. Pairing infectious poppy melodies with a rollicking rhythm section and arena-ready live shows, the quartet have been going from strength-to-strength at an impressively swift rate, continually ticking off items from their bucket list along the way.

Already equipped with a fervent and ever-growing fanbase, and with the release of their latest EP, ‘Hit and Run’, catapulting them to new heights, it seems as though 2020 is set to be Larkins’ year. Keeping their heads held high as their career-defining dreams unfold right before them, Twickets spoke to Larkins’ guitarist, Dom Want, about the band’s journey so far, the failings of the music industry and why you need to get yourself a ticket to their headline shows next month.

How did Larkins meet?

Dom: Josh and I met in school when we were 13 and started off by playing acoustic covers at our school events. We eventually picked up Henry, who was a couple of years below us at school but also an incredible bassist. Joe was the last to join the gang having played with Henry at college.

Who are some of the band’s biggest musical inspirations?

Dom: We all like completely different things, but we can agree on Bon Iver, Foals and Khalid. ’22, A Million’ by Bon Iver was massive for us and really opened our eyes to how live instrumentation and synths can go hand in hand.

You recently released your latest EP, ‘Hit and Run’. How has the response been so far?

Dom: It’s been so mad, everything just seems to have been taken up a level since the EP was released. We can’t wait to play these songs on tour next month.

What message do you hope people take from the songs on ‘Hit and Run’?

Dom: The EP as a whole sums up what Larkins is and showcases everything that we want to do. The lyrics are a mixed bag, with ‘Make You Better’ delving into the more emotional side of things, whilst ‘Flood’ shows our more political side. Above all though, we want people to take whatever they want from the music we release. As long as we’re making tracks that have meaning to people that’s all that matters. It’s amazing when people can interpret lyrics in their own way so the songs feel like theirs.

You’re going to be heading out on your biggest UK tour to date in April, including a massive homecoming show at Manchester Academy. How does it feel to know you’ve reached these heights without even having released your debut album?

Dom: It’s crazy to think that we’re going to be headlining the biggest room in that venue. We’ve all seen so many massive artists perform there and it always seemed like such a long way off. It’s honestly getting quite surreal to be able to do what we’re doing as a job.

For those who are unfamiliar with Larkins, can you give us three reasons why they should come and catch a show on this run?

Dom: Our live ambition has always been to create a stadium show no matter what venue we’re playing in, so reason number one is that we go massive on lights. We’re always thinking of mad things to do and we’re not the type to just stand there and play, we like to make it a show.

Secondly, there’s a proper community feel at our shows. Everyone looks after each other and everyone is in it together. You can also guarantee that there’s no mid-set lull with us. We like the set list to be a surprise, and we play a mixture of old and new songs, but no matter what it’ll 100% go off.

Larkins were formed in Manchester, a city with an incredible live music culture. How has operating in that scene helped you?

Dom: It’s been an amazing place to grow as a band because there’s such a vibrant scene and so many venues to play. We went to see so many bands whilst we were on our way up and it gave us a proper kick. We’d literally be taking notes side stage! It really feels like something you can immerse yourself in and there’s a massive sense of community across the city.

Outside of music, you also run a clothing line called Animals In Costume. Why did you decide to set this up?

Dom: So many band merchandise lines are just there as an income stream, and we felt like barely any bands were actually putting enough care into it. We also feel strongly about merchandise being ethical and environmentally friendly, as not enough people are making a change at the grassroots level. Hopefully by doing this we can start to get the message across.

If you could only have three albums playing on repeat on the tour bus, what would they be and why?

Dom: ’22, A Million’ by Bon Iver, because it’s an insane album that has influenced pop music more than it’s given recognition for. Also ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ by The Beatles, though in all honesty any Beatles album could’ve made the cut. And finally, ‘Free Spirit’ by Khalid as we’re obsessed with that album at the minute! It’s just super refreshing and sounds amazing.

If you had the power to change one thing about the music industry, what would it be and why?

Dom: I think gender equality is a massive issue at the minute. People slowly seem to be becoming more aware of it, but there’s still not enough being done by the major players in the industry.

What do you want to accomplish going forward with Larkins?

Dom: We’re just going to keep playing shows and releasing music. We’re on it every single day and we’re adamant that we’re going to get to the top. We want to get our debut album out and play the Pyramid Stage.

Check out Larkins’ latest EP, ‘Hit and Run’, below, and grab a ticket to see the band on their upcoming tour this April here.

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