UK Government urged to ban for profit ticket resale.

Our partners over at FanFair Alliance have today urged the government to crackdown on commercial ticket touting and “Rip Off’ resale sites such as Viagogo and Stubhub. Relaunching around a simple three-point plan, FanFair aim to end large-scale online ticket touting in the UK. Having supported them since their inception in 2016, it was fantastic to be apart of the government discussion.

Bringing together a wide cross-section of the UK’s music community, FanFair takes a stand against profiteering in the secondary ticketing market and supports pro-consumer legislation, technologies and business practices.

As an antidote to exploitation, they advocate “capped” resale – where music fans are provided with services to safely resell a ticket for the price they paid or less.

We thought we’d run you through their 3 point plan.

Legislative action:

New laws making it illegal to resell a ticket for profit, bringing the UK into line with other progressive music markets.

Tech action:

Platforms like Google and YouTube must stop promoting touts, and help direct consumers towards legitimate sources of tickets

Industry action:

Across the board, the live music business needs to make capped consumer-friendly ticket resale visible and viable

You can read more about this here.

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