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In our last independent venue focus we looked into a recent study by the Music Venue’s Trust which found that gig attendances were down 16.7% from 2019 (the last year on record), with the average number of weekly events per venue also falling from 4.2 in 2019 to 3.5 in 2022. It’s clear to us that grassroots venues are struggling and it’s important that we as live events fans highlight these issues and do what we can to help.

We feel these statistics are particularly relevant this week as it was reported that that the 
fantastic Prince Albert in Brighton was under serious threat from developers.

The venue themselves have said:

“Our wonderful pub and amazing live music venue are under serious threat from developers. We need your help to stop this. We have seen so many brilliant venues close across the country in the last few years, please help stop us from joining this list! There are countless reasons we believe this development should not go ahead, not only for ourselves but the wider local community. These consist of planning issues, social issues and of course the threat of permanent closure of The Albert.”

You can sign the petition to save the venue here

The Prince Albert - Brighton | Bluecrow Projects: Restaurant Shop fitting  Main Contractor London

The Prince Albert is a pub and music venue located in Trafalgar Street, Brighton, East Sussex. It was originally a three-storey town house built in 1848 and it was converted into a pub in 1860. The most iconic feature of the pub is a mural painted on the side. Originally, the wall was known for its Banksy artwork Kissing Coppers appearing in 2004, along with a mural of the late BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel. In 2013, a mural depicting 26 deceased musicians, the actor Oliver Reed and footballer George Best was added to the wall by local graffiti artists Req and Sinna One. These depictions are mostly monochrome, set against a vividly multicoloured background.

It’s a fantastic place that has been home to some brilliant artists over the years.

Galleries - Pub & Bar - The Prince Albert - Brighton

We thought we’d highlight our favourite upcoming shows at the venue. Get down to one of them and help show your support!

Mutations Festival – November 4th/5th
Flip Top Head – November 7th
She’s In Parties – November 16th

Full listings are available here

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